Sunday, 6 February 2011

I hope you find something to look for

So soon, I'll give you the ramblings of a crazy fm. I am recording it to give to you so you can know a little about what happens to the words that go into my head. I learn words in conversation and through conventional ways like books and t'internet and then my head turns them round and round and spins them at stupidly fast frequencies kinda like nuclear hamsters on oiled up hamster wheels and then mixes them up with a twist of confusion adds a dash of my history and stores them up in a mental pantry so that when I sit at an instrument they all come flooding out. Problem is, and apparently luckily for my songwriting style all the words are desperate to come out cause usually they've been waiting too long and some push to the front of the queue even though its not their turn...

I'm taking a month out to write and will begin to share bits and bobs with you as I go. I am writing a piece for 8 megaphones to perform from inside my 7 foot birdcage and a 12 minute piece for a jazzestra called 'Wasting People's Time' (Written with Crazy Fm's John Ellis) as well as a handful of songs about my daily days... 'Upgrade Me', 'I hope You find Something to Look For', 'Tall Women and Short Men Crutches' and a whole bunch of others. I also have a list of titles you all gave me months ago to start work on such as, "How dare you take a slice of my Victoria Sandwich'... Love love

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