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Kirstie's Poster
£3 (+£1 postage)



                                      Kirsty's debut album, Pure Blue Green, Decca £10 (+ £2.50 post)

Tracks include If You Can't Make Me Happy (Kirsty Almeida & The Troubadours)
He Said (Cover of Plan B's She Said)
Treat Me Like Your Mother (Cover of The Dead Weather)
If You Can't Make Me Happy (Dejavoodu Mix)
£20 (+ £2.50 postage)

Beached out Stetchy man by Kirsty Almeida
 Poster A3 £10 (+ 2.50 postage)

If You Can't Make Me Happy Poster 15 inches by 38cm x 38cm  £10 (+£1.50 postage)
Photographed by Emily Dennison

Handmade Ltd Edition Late at Night Single £20
Sold Out

I Wish You Well Print 30 x 30cm Framed £80

Wrong Mister Right Print 30 x 30cm (Framed) £80

Winter Songs 
 Kirsty Almeida & The Troubadours 
Winter Songs £10 (+2.50 postage)

10 beautiful Winter Songs recorded at Limefield Studio in Manchester featuring Kirsty Almeida & The Troubadours as well as some musical Manchester musical guests. This comes as a handmade decorated glittery Winter package in a special envelope and wrapped ready to give to someone special as a gift. This album is filled with original songs that sound just like Mulled Wine tastes and some wonderful covers of much lovely traditional festive songs we all know and love. This makes a beautiful gift. x
Each handmade and wrapped with Winter Love ready to share with a friend x
Now, if you do not have The Wagon Train Album by billy Buckley - you need it and if you have it you'll know what a great gift it will make for any of your friends. I have to decided to support this album because I love it! 
The Wagon Train (Billy Buckley) £10 (+ £1.50 postage)