Thursday, 17 January 2013

Symbols and words

When I was younger, I studied English language as one of my A-levels not really as a choice but because I had to study something and English happened to be one of the options available to me. As part of the course I was required to listen to the radio and read newspapers to try to understand the basics of the linguistic patterns. I realised then, at a very young age that sounds have a huge effect on my soul and heart. I felt uncomfortable with the sounds of the news reports I was listening to regularly and the styles of music that dominate the airwaves. I didn't really appreciate the studies I made as I was only really trying to just 'make the grades' but I was fascinated with the effect sonic vibration can have.

I am now reading about how words and symbols can unlock infinite worlds in us as human beings. I realise that as a musician and lyricist I can unlock parts of other human beings with the sounds than I may create. I would like to further these studies now.

I stopped reading newspapers after my studies all those years ago. I gave up my television back then and have not had one since and I now only listen to the radio very occasionally and am very careful about what vibrations I immerse myself in. I realise how affected I can really be by sounds and words.

When I return to the UK I shall spend my time sifting more information about this and am going to begin learning about symbols, as I also see that symbols, too, can really unlock such depths in us as humans. These symbols are everywhere and it seems to me are also imprinted in our DNA.

I am going to take a long break when I return (I am in Essouira) to study, learn, grow and unfold. I have an amazing little art and music studio with a wonderful Wurlitzer piano and many paints and papers that I have collected from all over  the world. I am ready now to create a brand new collection of songs and visual pieces and will begin to study and see what takes shape. I wish you well. Love.

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