Secret Gigs

The May 5th Secret Gig 2012 is now sold out.
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You will receive a scroll through the post - a handmade gift of Kirsty's Almeida's artwork which will give you all the clues you will need for the dress up secret gig. You will meet in Manchester City centre at a very special spot and be taken to the secure venue (20 mins drive in our carriage) where you will dine, be and be entertained before you are taken back to the city centre and sent back into your world but for one night - things will be very very different.

Every secret gig is different from the last and this one has some very special surprises.
If you would be interested in a ticket for the Autumn Secret tour please add your email to the mailing list on the right of this page or email - details below for the next secret gig.

This secret gig is on the 5th of May in an unbelievably beautiful special venue in Manchester. You will dine and you will be entertained and there will be magic...
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Tickets are £40 and include your transport to and from the city centre to the secret ball, your food and the entertainment - bring your own tipple.

                                                                Secret tickets £40