Sunday, 29 January 2012

7 week plan

Hallo hello. Welcome. Hi. Bonjorno! I am Kirsty Almeida and you are you.

Well, here I am am. Its spring. Really? You say? Yup, I say. Yup it is. The jasmine in the garden is through so it's Spring. Goodness.

So, what have I been doing with my time? Well, we here at Crazy fm which would be myself and I and of course the higher me and the pain body me and all the other me's too have been busy.

We've all been a little obsessed with Eckhart Tolle so I firmly, wearing spectacles, a suit, holding a cane suggest you get yourself onto iTunes and download the audio book The Power of Now and get listening - chapter a day. You can listen to some stuff for free too on spotify. Swear it'll change your life!

At All Made UP (my record label and Publishing shed) we have been really busy. We have a 7 week plan culminating in the release of Cool Down Rewind with a very very special and unbelievably creative remix built and shaped with musical hammers, drills and sonic nuts and bolts by one of our very own. The release of this single is the end of a year's plan that we made when I left Decca which started with starting our own label and then releasing three singles from the album as handmade singles which I will photograph for you later and I will keep you involved along the 7 week way so you can see which bits were worth it, which a waste of time and which parts led to the incredible success just round the corner (positivity book shelf).

Each week I have a long list of things to get through and the lists culminate in 'Cool Down Rewind' release on April fools day. Also, Pure Blue Green will be re-released as 'DejaVoodu' on our label, All Made Up on April the 8th (full moon) and has had a few mixes opened up and shined from the inside out, new track listing and some sparkly artwork tweaks. The album will be what I originally wanted it to be called and to sound like. Very exciting. Of course we begin 6 degrees to Jools Holland now too - as soon as I receive the photos from all participants.

I have begun painting ballgowns and am loving my time designing each bespoke piece- wait till ya see! Ok, I shall write to you often for a few weeks so you can see what you do to release a single when you're me. If you have any questions please always ask them as it helps me too.

We have lots of wonderful creatives sharing their time and talent to help us at the moment too so will introduce them as we go along on The Cool Down Rewind Path.

I wish you well.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Snow Go for Jools Holland Antarctic

Got this back from the antarctic - back to the drawing board - anyone know anyone else out there?

Dear Kirsty,

Thank you for your email and for your interest in British Antarctic Survey.

That's a great idea, but I'm afraid we can't help you with this request. As you can imagine, it's a very busy time period for us at the moment in Antarctica and we get numerous similar requests.

I hope your experiment will work through other people.

Kind regards,

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

6 degrees from the Antarctic to Jools Holland

So it begins - the 6 degrees 2 Jools Holland preparation. ( We have decided to try for 6 continents. Matt likes the idea of us including Antarctica so I broke my Facebook vow and asked for Antarctic contacts. One of my favourite Facebook buddies gave us a point in the British Antarctic Survey so here is my plea to them...