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I asked folk out there in the world if anyone would like to design a poster for a few of the gigs I'm doing and lots of beautiful talents sent replies. So...introducing my new poster by... Kirstie Mason. Super Quirk.

I'm off to the printers tomorrow to get it printed. T'is lovely! If you would like one, then please go to my musical boutique and i'll get one printed for you too. (All monies will go to Kirstie - she doesn't know this, so... shhhhhh!).

I asked Kirstie a few questions and her answers are below - thought it might be nice for people to know a wee bit about Kirstie and her work. There are a few more of Kirstie's images below too. 


'Centaurette' by Kirstie Mason


'The Batterfly' by Kirstie Mason

 'Dryad' by Kirstie Mason

"My name is Kirstie Iona Mason, I'm 21 years old and live in Wallasey, over the water from Liverpool. I've just finished my degree in Creative Writing and Film Studies, currently awaiting results! 
I've been drawing all my life but only very recently found my style with bold shadows and outlines and crazy colours. I pencil a rough outline of my designs then go over them with a black ink pen. After the basic outline of everything is done, I fill in all the shadows and make the outlines thick, it just seems to create this awesome effect. Everything I do is hand-drawn and scanned in, but as I'm not so confident with colouring, I may have to invest in a graphics tab just to make my work more professional looking. Anything and everything can inspire me, and I draw whatever pops into my head. 

My dream is to write and illustrate my own stories, and I am currently working on a short story which I hope to publish myself. I enjoy writing and drawing things that are different and quirky, and sometimes a bit surreal. As my favourite artist is Salvador Dali, this is hardly surprising! I am also inspired by the drawings and poems of Tim Burton. All I want to do in life is sit in a beautiful garden and draw and write with a cat in my lap!

Although I frequently go rock-climbing, skiing and snowboarding in risky places, the scariest thing I've ever done is sell my own artwork! It was my first ever experience of selling illustrations that I did for an Alice in Wonderland exhibition, and it was terrifying every time a person came to look at them. Luckily, the illustrations were very well received and I was one of the highest selling artists at the exhibition!

In terms of music and films, my taste is very varied. I listen to music that inspires me, so mainly film soundtracks and a bit of Tchaikovsky, although I could quite happily listen to the Doors, My Chemical Romance and T-Rex in the same playlist. I enjoy the poetic lyrics of the Killers, Joni Mitchell and the wonderful music of Czech composer Zdenek Liska. My favourite films include Disney's Fantasia, Un Chien Andalou and the Czech puppet films of Karel Zeman and Jan Svankmajer, the most underrated filmmakers in the world! I also enjoy the Bourne trilogy, any film with Cary Grant, particularly His Girl Friday, and the South Park movie, another example of a brilliant film soundtrack!"

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  1. nice one kirstie mason ! these picatures are abserlutily fabulous !