Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The Army of Butterflies

So, a lovely man in America has taken a small army of butterflies to share amongst the US industry and a lovely english man has taken a small army of creative light warriors over to Japan to the Japanese music conference. I have attached photos of the boxes. As you know we made 650 handmaids and they've all gone out with our two incredible radio pluggers and our press and media. so around 1000 light warrior flutterbys are flying across the Uk, the Us and Japan. Stay tuned to Crazy Fm and i'll let you know what comes out of all that.

The Bury Light was a fantastical success and I learnt a phenomenal amount about and will share that with you this week to as soon as I get the beautiful shots back. The single has been serviced so now we wait...

Albatross the film is out - we have 5 songs on it and its in the cinemas now.

"So, what next???!!!" I hear you scream, whilst jumping up and down on your tv set eating your own curtains and squeezing your waist in a little too tight for comfort? Well, I am finally designing a website and creating each of the limited edition handmades.

Stay near - lots of blogs in the next couple of weeks. x