Wednesday, 21 September 2011

If you can't make me 650 Handmades

The tea dances and the giant 6 foot silk flowers seem like years ago. It's all systems go at almeida's glitter head quarters. I mean ALL go. Everyone's helped me. Thank you to everyone who's helped. I'd list you all but it would take days! Instead, ill save each of you one of the limited editions to say thanks.

So we folded 1000 handmade covers and I had to buy Fred aldous the artshop out of black rolls of paper. £80 on black paper! I then designed a stamp as a logo for the single. I wanted this one to feel and look a little Mexican day of the dead as I think it suits the song and lyrics. Very kindly the rubber stamp company rushed through my designs and did them in a day! I also designed a stamp for the back cover and Matt picked them up and brought them back to glitter HQ.

For a few days different artists we know slotted themselves into the folding timetable and brought wine and food and fed me through the madness. To give you some perspective into how big this project is I've only ever managed to make 200 in a week working really hard. We're making 650 and I'm making 200 limited edition specials too!! Ha ha!

Matt and Alice have been helping me every step of the way and Lucy has been sending Cumbrian positive thoughts and my cousin Sarah has been sewing with us every day in-between wrestling matches against Hungarian female wrestlers!!!

We've all stamped, glittered, embossed, sewn, cut, trimmed and listened to Edith piaf. We are still going but here's a few pictures.

Will show you the final thing in the next week. I wish you well. X