Monday, 28 March 2011

6 degrees of separation to Jools Holland

We've been working very hard for months here at Almeida headquarters and slowly we shall reveal our inventions. Here is the first... 6 degrees of separation to Jools Holland - have a look. It begins on Friday the 13th of May which is also the launch of my new record label All Made Up Records at Fac in Manchester. The full band will be playing that evening to celebrate the launch of my single coming out on the 9th of May!!

Its a week to the secret gig woop woop and its all coming together nicely - there are a couple of tickets left but not many at all so if you would like one then please get it at here.

Matt, Lucy and I have worked very very very hard since Christmas building, renovating, inventing, meeting, greeting and planning and slowly its all coming together. I will trickle things to you as we go. But first - click here.

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