Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The build

How does an artist get to where they would like to be? I do not have the answers but I believe in creativity, attention to detail, quality, risk taking and above all hard work that is enjoyed as much as possible. These are my tools with the support I have around me to get to where I would like to be.

Today, I and Agent Ani spent the day folding pieces of brown paper into cd covers ready to be sewn with my sewing machine tomorrow. These cd covers will be glittered, pretty papered, stamped and wax sealed and sent to my radio plugger on friday ready to be sent out to radio stations next week. The single we are pushing is from the album and it's called Late at Night. It will be coming out with the video and remixes on friday the 13th of May which is also the launch of my new record label - All Made UP Records and my Publishing company - All Made Up Music. Also, as I told you before the 6 degrees of separation begin that day too. Very exciting.

To do all of those things, though, we have Sooooooooo much work to do. 200 handmade cd covers need to be ready, I am designing a stamp for the handmades, postcards need to be printed, flyers ready, remixes ready, image designed for the single and everything distributed and uploaded!! These are just a few of the huge list and there are 3 of us working through the list. Arrrrghhh!

I'm tired but I am working day and night to get this ready and out there.

There's a very beautiful version of the single coming - arranged by Jasper Wilkinson - its so lovely I hope you like it.


Ps the secret gig was stunning! We are going to begin the London one so stay near xx shhhhhhhhhhhhh xxxx

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