Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Day 2 of the mad dash to the first single line

Today Agent Annie and I worked a little slower than yesterday - for a darned good reason! We made a playlist based around biscuits! Oh yes. Agent Annie & Kirsty's Almeida's Biscuit Playlist

Annie is on the main stretch for the handmades preparation and late tonight and tomorrow I shall be putting finishing touches, sprinkling some extra magic and sewing them togther with some good time positivity before taking them to the experts next week. I am at the finishing line for three designs I'm on at the moment - there're a few sneaky peaks at the bottom of this ... The beginings of a couple of T-shirt logo ideas for the Feel Good Festival...

I am designing 6 T'shirts at the moment and some beautiful 6ft Silk flowers for a very colourful exciting do. Tomorrow, I'm off to take the measurements for an abstract bunting installation I've designed for the Nice Cuppa Tea Dance before getting back to begin the 6ft flowers with Tour managing Alice (who's beautifully creative) and Agent Annie. Stay near x Here's a petal heart I found at the lake...

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