Friday, 1 July 2011

How Tealightful x

Here's a little peek at how beautiful the Trafford room in the Midland hotel is, where we'll be holding the Nice Cuppa Tea Dances for the Manchester Jazz Festival. I thought you might like to see the different stages of the event taking shape. The manchester Jazz Festival have asked me to curate the two events and its so much fun for me. These kind of opportunities, although always hard work are a a great opportunity for me to write lots of new songs and try new things out and work and share with other artists and musicians.

For this one, Matt Owens and I are writing lots of new string arrangements for brand new songs. There are lots of wonderful moments being put together for these tea dances so I am hoping the will be the start of many. I will be dressing the room and the tables and the air will be sented with fresh flowers and freshly made cakes. There will be walzting and beautiful dance displays and the fantastic Barbie Shop will be singing and there will be Barbie Shop BINGO!!!

Here is my blank canvass. Will photograph the work as go along and share. I had the first rehearsal with the Leos String Quartet last week. It was so lovely to hear the parts and songs taking shape. They will be playing at the first Tea Dance on the 24th of July named 'The Wild Lily Fete'. Rick Weedon will also be featured on full set of Vibes. Woop Woop!!!

Will share some video footage as we go along. Get your tickets from here


  1. I've booked up for this and as a follower with a 9 year history am really looking forward to Kirsty's interpretation of the tea dance atmosphere. I'm presuming calm, respectable and yet colourful but I don't think she is capable of dissapointing anyway!

  2. Can't wait!