Tuesday, 3 April 2012

It's been a while

Hello ! Hello ! Howdy and heeberdeedooha-yeep.

I have had a day in the sun and its turned my head round. Right round like an owl. I hope you are a well and too have enjoyed the glorious weather we've been having. i have a lot to tell you about and will during the next two weeks but first... here we are yet something has changed. A new experiment has begun. One that will change the face of the earth. One that will attract the other planets closer to us thus causing all black holes to implode. One that may melt your face pulling your hairline to your chin and confusing the passers by walking behind you. Yep. This experiment will be written about by historians and scientists alike and will cause bearded men everywhere to scratch their heads raise one eyebrow and do a little dance in sheer glee when the penny drops. Yipedy-yay.

The 6 degrees to Jools Holland.. Its a giggle for me a little project that excites me. I want to see what happens.
So I have filled six little boxes with our music and my art and I have sent all six to six continents - South Africa, Australia, USA, South America, Europe and Asia. The six people who've kindly agreed to be the 6th degree of contact do not know Jools Holland most have never even heard of him. These six people will send the box to someone they think may be in the right direction of the Jools Holland. Then those people will pass it on to someone they think may be in the right direction.

The rule says these boxes should all arrive with Jools within six passes.

Quids in people - how many do you think will get there? In how many passes? How long do you think it will take?
I bet £1 that all six will arrive within the six degrees of separation within 2 months. If you'd like to see what happens - follow us here or catch up with what happens here- LOVE !

If you like the website - it was designed by Paul Brickles - find him here

Enjoy ! I wish you well.


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