Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Cosmic Star Trail

This weekend was a wild, wild weekend. Secret gig, huge gig at The Grand in Clitheroe to close the Ribble Valley Jazz and Blues Festival with The Troubadours and the chance to work with many, wonderful musicians, project managers, chefs, personalities and audiences. Please check out Pete Turner, the bass player if you hear he is playing anywhere near you, Billy Buckley's wonderful Wagon Train, Claudio Kron's album which is a beautiful beautiful album and all the excellent projects Katie Tavini is engineering - they were just a few of the special guests I got the opportunity to work with and to make music with, this weekend. Huge. I'm exhausted and full. Thanks so much to EVERYONE who helped this weekend, even if your help was sending a positive thought this way. Everything helped.

On the gig at the Grand, I had a cosmic star trail of little girls who were drawing pictures and passing them to me as I sang so I thought I'd share them with you.

Cool Down Rewind and it's wonderful remix by Troubadour Tom Davies aka DaviesQuiet with beautiful artwork by Sandra Whetham is out all over the digital world - iTunes have featured it as new and noteworthy too ! Please get your copy here - I hope you enjoy. Please add a review if you can x

Thanks for reading. X

To Lovely, I love your picture, love the children xxx

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