Sunday, 16 September 2012


This blog is a short one to share my next plans. There a few.

I shall begin the Paper Music Project next week with Edward Briggs in Brighton. Ed and I shall make music out of Paper and share it with you at the Manchester Art Gallery on the 11th of October at 7pm (2 shows that evening) to mark the opening of the 'First Cut' Paper exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery and to launch the Manchester Weekender - featuring Rob Ryan and lots of incredible artists from around the globe. Its free.

Also, Alice and I embark on the Laughing Garden at Bury Light Night (20th of October from 7pm) - also free. More about that soon.

I shall be recording an acoustic album next month and am putting a few new tunes together for it - this is a wee collaboration with Katie Tavini and will feature a few lovely guests.

Lastly, I have set up a pledge music project where you can pledge a bit of money towards us making a video for the Plastic Bag Song (part of '30', the album) in return for some exclusives from me. The way it works is that you pledge some money toward the project in return for either a T-shirt handprinted by me or a handmade copy of my acoustic album or a copy of '30' - there are all sorts of new goodies to pick from and I will put your money towards making a video that will hopefully raise awareness for the damage plastic bags are doing to our planet and get non-biodegradeable plastic bags banned in the UK. You don't actually give me any money till the project is completed - you just pledge to support should I get it done. 20% of any profits will go to Greenpeace and if there are any other profits I shall give it to all the artists and engineers involved. Please support this - it means a lot to me. Thank you.

You can pledge here

Thank you for reading.

Have a LOVELY day!!! x

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